About Rosa & Berry Tawada

   The story of Rosa & Berry Tawada began in autumn 2003 on the site of a former mine. We had always wanted to create our own garden. The dream we had pictured in our imagination over many years finally started to move forward when we met this place. The first time we saw Tawada, it was covered with weeds as far as the eye could see, and we couldn't tell where anything was. But the place name "Tawada", the mountains surrounding it on four sides, the magnificent Himalayan cedar trees and cherry trees which had stood here for decades, was all so enchanting that it seemed like fate had guided us here to start creating a garden. We were determined to not only restore the inherent beauty of this place after being forgotten and overgrown with weeds and brush for so many years, but to make it even more beautifully green than it had ever been before.

    Being able to create a garden on this broad site in just the way we wanted to was fun and made us happy. But we also felt that this land had many more possibilities. It was plagued by weeds as tall as we are and soil as hard as concrete, and we made many mistakes and experienced the threat of nature, but through it all we learned a lot from nature and came to understand the meaning of coexistence. Not everything that we usually eat is necessarily safe, and it's because of that that we want everyone to experience the joy of eating things that are safe. We also want to give people an understanding of the nobility of agriculture and the connection between humans and nature.

   In this way, the dream of Rosa & Berry Tawada that started as the garden has grown and expanded. Wanting people to feel the healing power of nature and live with richly fulfilled hearts, ENGLISH GARDEN Rosa & Berry Tawada is celebrating our grand opening. What has enabled us to reach this point is the cooperation and guidance of so many people, starting with all of the local people. As a place for spreading information to people who are interested in nature, agriculture, safe food, etc., nothing could make us happier than if Rosa & Berry Tawada helps to revitalize agriculture.

The dream of Rosa & Berry Tawada will grow even more in the future. The story continues...

Eriko Ohsawa, Representative