Fairy Garden, a Village where Fairies Live

In 2018, Fairy Garden, a Village where Fairies Live, newly opened on the small hills between mountains in the north area of Rosa & Berry Tawada.


You can enjoy herb- or aroma-themed workshops, or experience the fun of making cute little objects from wool or even cooking pizza or bread.

Vegetable Garden

Seasonal vegetables grown amidst nature surrounded by mountains.
The safe vegetables grown without pesticides are also used as seasonal ingredients in our restaurants.
In addition to experiencing seasonal harvesting, you can also purchase the vegetables in the shops. Or you can harvest them at the popular BBQ restaurant and enjoy them freshly picked.

Sheep Petting Farm

Sheep graze on the scenic farm. You can give them food or pet them.
Events with the sheep are also held on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Their adorable relaxed behavior is very soothing.

Rosen Railway Milky Way

You can take a sightseeing trip from the station in Spacious Lawn to the new Fairy Garden area or just before the Sheep Petting Farm.
Please enjoy the approximately 1 km comfortable train ride while your body sways with the train motion and your face feels the breeze.
※Please check the fares and operating times at the stations.