Restaurant DAICHI

A buffet-styled restaurant offering nutritionally balanced food with the themes of beauty and health.

In addition to the popular regular menu, be sure to try the special dishes which make abundant use of seasonal vegetables.

【Operating hours】11am to 3pm
Reception: until 2pm

1B5A2541_縮小 - コピー


A cafe in a courtyard surrounded by greenery. Please enjoy a relaxing time with high-quality tea and the sweets of Rosa & Berry's sweets brand "Martin Pecheur".

Barbecue Restaurant

You can select and harvest lovingly grown seasonal vegetables from the field and cook using them just after picking.
Enjoy this experiential barbecue surrounded by nature.

The gazebo lets you enjoy it without worrying about the weather.

【Operating time】10am to 5pm 
Reception: until 2pm (Reservations have priority.)

Hillside Cafe Tearoom

Enjoy light meals such as fish and chips, quiche, sweets, etc.
There are also terrace seats, where you can take it easy on the hill with its beautiful view.

【Operating hours】10am to 5pm